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Fine and coarse aggregates are core building materials along with cement, steel, size stones, concrete blocks, and bricks. Hence, it is highly esse

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Fine and coarse aggregates are core building materials along with cement, steel, size stones, concrete blocks, and bricks. Hence, it is highly essential that a proper selection process for these core materials gets granted. By doing so, quality and longevity of the proposed structure are maintained in a best possible way. With b-Easy, not only quality but you can also remain assured of adopting an appropriate selection recourse while purchasing top-notch ingredients for constructing your proposed structure. As far as aggregates are concerned, we actively supply only the best and nothing else.


Know the Features Before Obtaining

Even a novice into the world of construction is well aware of the fact that aggregates need to be clean, strong and of course free from any unwanted chemicals. Actually, this ensures that the concrete structure becomes muscular and gets equipped with durability. However, there is a range of facts and features associated with aggregates that also works equally in making a constructed structure everlasting. Some of those are mentioned below:

  • These materials are comprised of hydraulic conductivity factor when compared with soil or any other alternatives
  • These are generally formed by using concrete and asphalt concrete
  • Aggregates acts as perfect reinforcement products in making the structure a Herculean one
  • About 60% to 70% of the total concrete is comprised of aggregates
  • Fine aggregates are generally formed from natural sand or crushed stone after passing through 3/8-inch sieve
  • Generally 40mm aggregates are used for PCC on the other hand, 20mm aggregates are used for all RCC works that includes: footings, columns, beams, staircases, roofs, etc
  • These are completely abrasion-resistance and also skid-resistant

Types of Aggregates

By using b-Easy application, both quality and quantity requirements for finest coarse aggregates gets maintained. We also guarantee to supply directly from the manufacturer to the site within stipulated time. Even if you require a quality test certificate it will be issued on demand without any extra cost. Such factors are applicable for every variety and types of aggregates.

Granite Aggregates

These are considered as best aggregates for high grade concretes that are generally created from crushed hard rock. As these are produced from granite the finishing is much more appealing and attractive.

Purpose of Using Aggregates in Concrete

The construction industry have got range of ingredients that are responsible in widening the durability and reliability of the concrete structure. Even aggregates have got specific set of points that has made it one of the most useful building material and hence emphasizing its purpose. A few among many of those are:

  • By using 60-75% of coarse and fine aggregates in the concrete structure, developers gets to enjoy an economical way of enhancing the strength of their projects
  • Maintaining the volume stability of the proposed construction structure can also be achieved with it
  • It is scientifically approved that the shrinkage probability is much higher for concretes ideally constructed with cement. Such shrinkage factor can be properly controlled by employing extensive quality of aggregates supplied by b-Easy
  • Fear of plastering cracks or even structural cracks that may occur in future can also be removed of one used finer quality of aggregates
  • Avail b-Easy to supply your required aggregates to get related with all these aforesaid facts.

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